May 18, 2018


TasSpan P/L (the Company, including AusSpan) acknowledges the importance of environmental protection, and the Company’s public duty and community expectations in this area.  The Company is committed to identifying all environmental aspects of its operations and in minimising environmental impacts.
An environmental management system integrated into all of TasSpan’s other operating systems (including TasSpan’s certified Quality and Safety Management Systems) will provide the framework to achieve the following:

Compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulatory requirements, codes of practice and client requirements, and best practice industry approaches in environmental management, including in particular the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 and Regulations (Tasmania) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems).

Optimisation of the system by implementing and reviewing performance measures;

Control of pollution and waste emissions by adopting effective waste minimisation techniques underpinned by high level documented  procedures, instructions and compliance activities;

Continuous improvement of the system using incident reporting, audits, investigation and analysis;

Targets & Objectives that are appropriate to the size and activities of the business

Communication of environmental issues to personnel via scheduled and ad hoc employee/management meetings, notice boards, documented work practices and various risk assessment/employee consultation processes;

Ensuring adequate human resources and appropriate training (as required) are available;

Monitoring the system with regular audits and inspections;

Promoting environmental awareness within the business;

Reviewing the system regularly and incorporating new technology where applicable;